Treat yourself with these tips when you feel low

Feeling low?? It is a common feeling that keeps on coming back with all the stressful things happening around us. Being a feeling that most of you would relate to, it is very important for you to come back on the surface with a bang to focus on your priorities rather than the things that pull you down.


What should you do??

Mentioned below are the tips that’ll help you treat yourself when you are sobbing about something that has brought you down.

  • Treat yourself with your favorite dessert:
    Did you know chocolate releases endorphins? You can sometimes manage to avoid the calorie count because some days are those which need only things that make you happy. That little break from the schedule of abstaining from the healthy eating is all it takes. So, indulge in that little treat that you need to feel relaxed and to love yourself back.


  • Do something that you enjoy doing:
    What makes you happy?? Is it spending time with the family? Reading a book?? Watching a movie?? Or traveling?? When you feel low, why not spend time doing what makes you a happier person? Take that road trip on the weekend or finish that book in a day or even watch the entire season of your favorite series to occupy yourself and feel better. If you have no idea what to do, you can always take yourself on a date and feed good food, dress like you’ve always wanted to and do more.


  • Shop coz you love it:
    Who doesn’t love to shop?? I do, and so do you!! Shopping makes life so much better. Whether you shop your basic thongs for men or any other men’s underwear style, shopping is what matters. You can even buy yourself any grooming product that makes you feel so much better in the long run. Well, that’ll serve two purposes – you’ll feel better now and you’ll look good later.


Do you have any ideas for the same? Do let us know in the comments below.


What’s with Men’s Enhancement Underwear?

So, before I start the with perks, uses, and other features, let us first learn that what is men’s enhancement underwear? The attires under the category are crafted to present an impressive profile below the belt. They have enhancing features like a lifting pouch, pads at the rear and so on. So, this blog is all about why you should consider the attires under the above category. For a better understanding, I’ll be talking especially about the pouch underwear. Let us have a look at the benefits one by one.

  • Comes with supportive options: For instance, let’s consider the pouch underwear for men. They are designed with in-built c-rings, thick pipings, and other such enhancing options which essentially keeps the manhood in the right position and away from the body. The implementation of this concept not only improvises your appeal but it reduces the problem like chafing, rashes and sweating as well.

Pistol Pete OLYMPUS Brief

  • Enhance visibility as well as confidence: It upgrades the visibility of the bundle by keeping the masculinity up and front. Looking sexy also helps in feeling good and confident about oneself. This can be an added advantage for any occasion, be it important client meetings or hot date nights, feeling confident always adds to the bonus points. Additionally, it has been scientifically proved that pouch enhancement underwear helps in blood circulation as well.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Cheeky Boxer Brief

  • Made out of moisture-wicking and comfortable material: All the above perks are ensured without compromising on your comfort. The men’s underwear under them is crafted out of materials that have moisture wicking properties. This helps to fan away the sweat down there which keeps the male anatomy dry and ventilated. Hence, you can even use them for your day-to-day life.

Daniel Alexander Protrude Pouch Thong Sheer Underwear

Similarly, other enhancements like the butt-enhancers and c-rings provide the above improvisations to your personality with a minute difference – the pouches and c-rings work for the betterment at the front while the butt enhancers work at the rear.

Intymen Butt Boost Boxer

Grab the styles from the online stores of at an affordable price.

Are you too old to reveal?

Do you ever think you are too old to do things? Whether it is for going out on a trip with your mates or clubbing, have you ever thought that you have crossed that age and lost the charm of actually doing it?

When you haven’t thought about missing what was mentioned above, how can you even think of believing that you’re too old to reveal? Being the “sexy boy” at heart, you haven’t lost your free spirit and the wish to explore more so why would you not find reasons to reveal a little (or a lot). You men’s underwear gives you innumerable opportunities to explore the adventurer you are deep down on the inside with styles that can bring life to you boring routines.

But, the question is what are the characteristics that separate you from the actual old-man category? Find them below.

  • You look for opportunities to get the adrenaline rush pumped up:

    Whether it is going on a road trip with your pals or clubbing your butts off while dancing, you are someone who does not want to sit down and stay home a lot. You look for opportunities that will help you figure out ways to pump up back to action and keep yourself engaged in something or the other.

  • You involve yourself in adventure sports:

    You are a nature lover sometimes or just someone who loves to explore. Hence, you would go out with your family on an expedition or indulge in the adventure sports that keep you feeling young and healthy whereas; the others spend time staying home in the comfort zone.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you aren’t old at heart and look for opportunities that can make you feel hotter and sexier about yourself. We don’t ask you to pick the skimpiest male thongs that are all about strings, but you can definitely try something like mens low cut bikini underwear that shows off some as well as makes sure the support is there. Fall in love with the sheer underwear and pamper you good with the lace offerings.

You can choose the one that makes you feel good about yourself and helps you reveal as much as you want to below the belt.

6 Ways to Nail the Classic Black and White

Black and white is the color for men who likes to stay stylish as well as masculine. These are two of the most versatile shades in the fashion industry. No matter what sort of a personality you embody, these two hues can effortlessly add a flair of machismo and style. The blog has compiled some of the ways in which you can nail the entire look in the classic shade. Check them out.

  • The complete black

    Wearing a complete black or white gives a retro touch to your looks. This is the most masculine way of donning the classic color. However, the complete white look is not a recommended option owing to the risk of stains. There are two ways of going all black. Either wear a black shirt paired with a black trouser as well as suit. The tieless look is perfect irrespective of the occasion and event. However, if you are planning to go with complete formal, then, you can pair a sleek tie with it. Mix and match the various shades of black. That is, pair the light black with midnight black.

The complete black

  • With the hint of stripe pattern

    The black suit with stripe patterns are another great option to be the man in black and white. The pair the stripe suit with the same patterned trouser and plain white button down shirt. This formal appearance can effortlessly turn every head around. Just make sure that you accessorize the attire properly. The visible underwear seam can ruin the entire look. So, wear a seamless style of men’s underwear. The skimpy styles of men’s sheer thong underwear and the seamless bikini underwear are perfect for the attire. Match the right style of cuff-links and pocket square with the suit.

stripe pattern

  • Black and white formal combo

    Along with this, the combo of black and white in a formal way is perfect way to pull off this color combination. The shirt paired with a plain black trouser and suit is perfect for every man. This is one of the most versatile option for men. Irrespective of the age, lifestyle, occasion and event, this is one ensemble that will match every thing. Even in this formal appearance, the accessories matter a lot. Go for the Oxford dress shoes along with silver cufflinks and white pocket square.

Black and white formal combo

  • Casually smart

    When it comes the casual appearance, the options are unlimited. However, the idea is to stay stylish as well. So, adding a sophisticated touch to the entire ensemble is essential. The black jeans teamed up with white t-shirt is ideal. Make sure that you wear an elegant pair of jeans. Avoid going for the rugged style. Moreover, if you are wearing a tee with v-shaped neckline, then, it should not be very deep. You can even wear a blazer along with the entire ensemble. Choose a casually smart pair of footwear with it. Sneakers and loafers are ideal option.

Casually smart look

  • The polo look

    The black polo shirt paired with white bottoms or vice versa is another great look for the man who have higher regards for style and masculinity. This is ideal for the all sort of casual occasion. Moreover, it can even be worn on semi-formal events. Just team it up with a blazer and it will get transformed from casual to formal. Polo t-shirts goes well with either short, jeans or even chinos. You can choose the one that suits your personality. Pair a pouch underwear for men with the attire. The right pouch can provide you frontal enhancement that will add more pizzazz to your look.

The polo look

  • The laid back attire

    Other than this, the color combination can make even the most dull appearance lively. Whether you are heading for a beach outing or a for any weekend getaway, the black t-shirt with a white short is exceptional. A classy retro hat and aviator glasses will do the magic for you. For the footwear, you can go with the loafers, sneaker and even flip-flops. Avoid wearing a socks along with this ensemble. You can even pair a scarf with the clothing style.

The laid back attire

Are you ready to be the man in black and white? Were these points helpful? Share your view in the comments below.


Weekend Trips: The Off-Duty Gusto

After five days of tiring work at the cubicle, it’s finally the Friday eve. Your weekend officially starts from here. So, Saturday, Sundays aka weekends are the best way to revamp yourself for the next scheduled week. I’m the type of a person who plans solo weekend trips to the beautiful places around California(I reside in California). The trips are a little expensive so, I plan them like once in 2 months or 3 months. By the time, I save money for the same. This is the age to enjoy, right? So, if you are one of my kind, then below mentioned are some of the weekend trips that you should never miss. Don’t worry the places will be included apart from California as well so, that you guys can check your nearby destinations. Read on to find out.

  • Charleston, South Carolina

    Believe it or not, Charleston is one of the best places that you can visit for the weekend. The city is full of centuries-old mansions, Spanish moss-draped trees, spooky cemeteries, cobblestone walks and much more. Additionally, the gas lamp-lit streets at night, past horse-drawn carriages and the antebellum architecture, makes you feel as if you traveled back in time. The city has also got one of the best innovative restaurants where you can fill your tummy at affordable prices. History prevails almost on every street of this Holy City.

Charleston, South Carolina

  • Denver, Colorado

    Denver is full of adventurous attractions. Right from Colorado State Parks to Denver Mountain Parks, Hidden Gem Day Trips and much more, the city welcomes all the adventurous personalities. Plan your itinerary according to the above-mentioned places as they are one of the most visited spots. The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the most breathtaking place that you can visit in Denver. The view of the entire city from the highest point of the mountains can make you fall in love with them.

Denver, Colorado

  • San Diego, California

    San Diego, one of my favorite places, is known for its beaches, parks and warm climate. The main attractions of the city include the Immense Balboa Park, art galleries, artist studios, museums, and gardens. Ensure to visit the zoo where you can find cute cuddling Panda’s if you are an animal lover. Also, do visit the San Diego theme parks to get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. Beach surfing is a common activity on San Diego beaches. Carry your men’s low rise bikini’s if you prefer to flaunt your sexy body on the beach(This is the best part that I love to do on beaches).

San Diego, California

  • Graceland Memphis, Tennessee

    Graceland was the luxurious residence of the famous Elvis Presley. If you are a big fan of the rock star, then you can visit the place to explore the personal side of him. You also get a chance to connect with fans around the world. The authorities keep organizing events and festivities to keep up the vibe of the place. Ensure to check the event calendar before planning the itinerary.

Graceland Memphis, Tennessee

  • Austin, Texas

    Arts, attractions, cycling, festivals, golf, hill country, history, motorsports, nightlife, outdoors, shopping, spa services are all that describes Austin. If you are a fun outdoor lover then, I promise that you are never going to leave the city. Spend your mornings paddling the lake while strolling through a celebrated history museum.

Austin, Texas

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

    New Orleans is nicknamed the “Big Easy,”. The city is known for its rocking nightlife, energetic live-music scene and spicy, singular cuisine reflecting its history as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures. The festive spirits are embraced by the Mardi Gras, the late-winter carnival famed for raucous costumed parades and street parties.

New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Seattle, Washington

    A beautiful city that is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and contains thousands of acres of parkland. Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Gas Works Park, Olympic Sculpture Park, Woodland Park, ZooGum WallKerry ParkChihuly Garden and Glass Golden Gardens Park are some of the attractions that you shouldn’t miss.

Seattle, Washington

Above are some of the fab cities that you should probably visit if you are planning a weekend gateway. If you think, I missed a fab city then please mention it in the comments below.

5 Staples you can always Rely On during Summer

The bright and sunny days of Summer provides you a lot of opportunity to turn heads with your personal style. However, at the same time, the heat and dirt make it difficult to look dapper. Finding the right apparel and pulling it off appropriately is even more difficult. This is why, it is recommended to invest in piece that are versatile and makes fashion a cinch.

Summer Heat

So, for all the fashion-conscious men out there, here are some of the staples that you can rely on throughout the season. Have a look.

  • T-shirts with stripe patterns:

    Nothing speaks style more than bright and bold color during Summer. However, the bedazzling shades and Hawaiian print is not a perfect option for all occasion and event, especially for men. So, should you stick to the usual black, grey and white? Absolutely not! The t-shirts with stripe patterns is the best way and the most versatile option for the season. The light color is perfect to keep you airy while the bright shade is perfect to stay on-trend during the sunny day. This is confusion is something that most men suffer. The stripe patters is an easy way out. Choose the light colors with contrasting bold patterns. This will be subtle than the dress shirts and way too stylish at the same time.

T-shirts with stripe patterns

  • Chinos:

    Even though, the jeans is never going out of fashion, the chinos are one of the most versatile options for men. In fact, it’s sleek style and lightweight fabric is a cozier alternative of denims. The best part is the slim fit style and the fact that it comes in varied color options. The versatile piece can be paired for casual or even semi-formal event. Wear it with the polo shirt and hit the party in style or pair it with the shirt and suit and turn the head at the office get-together. This bottom style is one of the easiest way to stylize yourself during summer.


  • White button down:

    White is the hue of the hot and humid season. It won’t be wrong to state that this is one of the most reliable apparel, regardless of the season and occasion. The button down can be paired with the formal trouser or with the pair of jeans. Wear it with the tuxedo or with the summer jacket, it will just speak for your personal style. Add to it’s elegance by pairing a sleek tie with it or just roll up the sleeves and venture into a party. The white button downs are effortless and easiest way of getting ready for any event.

White button down

  • Sleek cardigan: 

    Layering is the best way to get an edge over the crowd. However, putting on layers during the hot afternoons and humid evenings is not easy. Men can find lightweight cardigans made of sleek fabrics like cotton, polyamide and other natural fibers for this season. These cardigans are the best alternatives for the jackets that you wear during the Fall. It can be worn with the shirts, the polo t-shirts or with the printed tees. Thus, if you are looking to don layers, this is one staple that you can rely upon.

Sleek cardigan

  • Summer accessories:

    Along with the apparels, you need to find the right ensemble to be paired with it. The summer accessories that you need to have in your collection are listed below.

  1. An aviator glasses are a must. It is said that the frame of the sunglasses should match your face. If the options are confusing you, then, aviators are perfect. They match and complement most of the face cuts.
  2. A wristwatch is a must-have, regardless of the occasion. The watches featuring large dials and leather belts can deck out your look effortlessly and develop your personal style.
  3. Along with this, a masculine style of scarf can take your personal style to the next level. This is one accessory that can be paired with the formal as well as casual outfit.
  4. Even the undergarment matters during this weather. The right pair of men’s underwear that is airy and stylish at the same time will help you stay sexy as well as cozy. The skimpy cuts of men’s cheeky thong underwear or even the bikini underwear is perfect for all day use. The sexy underneath apparels are one way to keep the days cool and nights hot.

Summer accessories

Have you got your summer wardrobe ready? Share your views in the comments below.

6 secrets for making your Outfit Standout

Fashion is surely one of the decisive factor these days. With so many designers and options available in the market, getting an edgy look is difficult. When everyone has an access to the most stylish attire, standing out in a crowd is tricky, especially in the men’s category. Is this fact worrying you? Here are some of the secrets that can make your outfit standout with minimal effort. Check them out.

Man in Stylish Dress

  • Layer it with contrasting shades:

    Whether you are wearing a shirt or a t-shirt, layering it appropriately is the way to stylize it. The layers can make even the simplest attire look exceptional. This is an essential aspect, regardless of the season and occasion. Put some thoughts into the color combination and texture and pair the attire appropriately. Add variety to your look and enhance the right color option. Not only solid colors, even the patterned shirts and printed tees can be teamed up with the right style of jackets and coats.

  • Wear the right undergarment: 

    Wearing the right undergarment is a must, especially during summer. As the shirts of this season is usually made of thin and lightweight material, so, the undergarment should also be light colored. Make sure that it is not visible through the shirt. Moreover, the choose the right style of men’s underwear. Men’s enhancing underwear is one option in the intimate apparel category that is both functional and can stylize your underneath fashion. The pouch of these undies are specifically designed for frontal enhancement that can bring some extra attention down there. Along with this, reducing the abrasion, these underwear even cuts down the heat generation and sweating. Along with this, you can go for the seamless styles of men’s thongs or even g-strings.

Stylish Man

  • Get it tailored: 

    Tailoring is a simple way to make your clothes more flattering. Most men fail to understand the consequences of compromising with the fit. The over sized clothes appear sloppy and make the person look shorter than he actually is. On the other hand, a well tailored attire will highlight the body shape. Elongating the frame, the clothes that fit nicely can make you look more polished. Not only this, the tailored version of a cloth is much more professional and flattering. So, regardless of the style that you are choosing, get it tailored properly and stylize your appearance effortlessly.

  • Pair fashion pieces:

    Accessorizing the attire is the best way to make it stand out without going over the top. A wristwatch is a statement making piece that can complement your personality and the attire. Amp up your attire by wrapping a scarf around your neck. Scarves are one of the trendies accessory in men’s fashion. Along with the footwear should match the occasion and the clothes that you are wearing. For the formal occasions, the cufflinks, pocket squares and neckties can provide you the added advantage. While for the casual events, the options are limited. Go for the elegant bracelets and subtle, yet stylish belts.

Fashionable Man

  • Groom well: 

    The look of an individual is another aspect that contributes on the style of the attire. If you are not groomed well even the best attire of the most expensive brand will fail to make a statement. So, remember to bathe well and indulge into self-grooming. Take good care of your facial skin and trim your beards properly. Along with this, make sure that you put on a soothing fragrance. Do not use the very strong smelling cologne and the same time make sure that you don’t have a body odor. If you are groomed properly, you’ll automatically stand out. The clothes should be neat and the footwear should be nicely polished. It is not just the style, but the way you pull it off matters.

  • Be confident:

    Confidence is a key to the overall appearance. The attire won’t look good if you are not confident while wearing it. The very thing that you need to consider is your choice. Select the attire that suits you. When you feel good about what you are wearing, it will reflect in your personality and your attitude will give an edgy update to the clothing. Clear out the thing that are out of trend from your wardrobe. Only wear the things that makes you look good and confident.

Are you all set to turn heads with your style? Did you find the write up useful? Share your comments below.