5 Staples you can always Rely On during Summer

The bright and sunny days of Summer provides you a lot of opportunity to turn heads with your personal style. However, at the same time, the heat and dirt make it difficult to look dapper. Finding the right apparel and pulling it off appropriately is even more difficult. This is why, it is recommended to invest in piece that are versatile and makes fashion a cinch.

Summer Heat

So, for all the fashion-conscious men out there, here are some of the staples that you can rely on throughout the season. Have a look.

  • T-shirts with stripe patterns:

    Nothing speaks style more than bright and bold color during Summer. However, the bedazzling shades and Hawaiian print is not a perfect option for all occasion and event, especially for men. So, should you stick to the usual black, grey and white? Absolutely not! The t-shirts with stripe patterns is the best way and the most versatile option for the season. The light color is perfect to keep you airy while the bright shade is perfect to stay on-trend during the sunny day. This is confusion is something that most men suffer. The stripe patters is an easy way out. Choose the light colors with contrasting bold patterns. This will be subtle than the dress shirts and way too stylish at the same time.

T-shirts with stripe patterns

  • Chinos:

    Even though, the jeans is never going out of fashion, the chinos are one of the most versatile options for men. In fact, it’s sleek style and lightweight fabric is a cozier alternative of denims. The best part is the slim fit style and the fact that it comes in varied color options. The versatile piece can be paired for casual or even semi-formal event. Wear it with the polo shirt and hit the party in style or pair it with the shirt and suit and turn the head at the office get-together. This bottom style is one of the easiest way to stylize yourself during summer.


  • White button down:

    White is the hue of the hot and humid season. It won’t be wrong to state that this is one of the most reliable apparel, regardless of the season and occasion. The button down can be paired with the formal trouser or with the pair of jeans. Wear it with the tuxedo or with the summer jacket, it will just speak for your personal style. Add to it’s elegance by pairing a sleek tie with it or just roll up the sleeves and venture into a party. The white button downs are effortless and easiest way of getting ready for any event.

White button down

  • Sleek cardigan: 

    Layering is the best way to get an edge over the crowd. However, putting on layers during the hot afternoons and humid evenings is not easy. Men can find lightweight cardigans made of sleek fabrics like cotton, polyamide and other natural fibers for this season. These cardigans are the best alternatives for the jackets that you wear during the Fall. It can be worn with the shirts, the polo t-shirts or with the printed tees. Thus, if you are looking to don layers, this is one staple that you can rely upon.

Sleek cardigan

  • Summer accessories:

    Along with the apparels, you need to find the right ensemble to be paired with it. The summer accessories that you need to have in your collection are listed below.

  1. An aviator glasses are a must. It is said that the frame of the sunglasses should match your face. If the options are confusing you, then, aviators are perfect. They match and complement most of the face cuts.
  2. A wristwatch is a must-have, regardless of the occasion. The watches featuring large dials and leather belts can deck out your look effortlessly and develop your personal style.
  3. Along with this, a masculine style of scarf can take your personal style to the next level. This is one accessory that can be paired with the formal as well as casual outfit.
  4. Even the undergarment matters during this weather. The right pair of men’s underwear that is airy and stylish at the same time will help you stay sexy as well as cozy. The skimpy cuts of men’s cheeky thong underwear or even the bikini underwear is perfect for all day use. The sexy underneath apparels are one way to keep the days cool and nights hot.

Summer accessories

Have you got your summer wardrobe ready? Share your views in the comments below.