6 Ways to Nail the Classic Black and White

Black and white is the color for men who likes to stay stylish as well as masculine. These are two of the most versatile shades in the fashion industry. No matter what sort of a personality you embody, these two hues can effortlessly add a flair of machismo and style. The blog has compiled some of the ways in which you can nail the entire look in the classic shade. Check them out.

  • The complete black

    Wearing a complete black or white gives a retro touch to your looks. This is the most masculine way of donning the classic color. However, the complete white look is not a recommended option owing to the risk of stains. There are two ways of going all black. Either wear a black shirt paired with a black trouser as well as suit. The tieless look is perfect irrespective of the occasion and event. However, if you are planning to go with complete formal, then, you can pair a sleek tie with it. Mix and match the various shades of black. That is, pair the light black with midnight black.

The complete black

  • With the hint of stripe pattern

    The black suit with stripe patterns are another great option to be the man in black and white. The pair the stripe suit with the same patterned trouser and plain white button down shirt. This formal appearance can effortlessly turn every head around. Just make sure that you accessorize the attire properly. The visible underwear seam can ruin the entire look. So, wear a seamless style of men’s underwear. The skimpy styles of men’s sheer thong underwear and the seamless bikini underwear are perfect for the attire. Match the right style of cuff-links and pocket square with the suit.

stripe pattern

  • Black and white formal combo

    Along with this, the combo of black and white in a formal way is perfect way to pull off this color combination. The shirt paired with a plain black trouser and suit is perfect for every man. This is one of the most versatile option for men. Irrespective of the age, lifestyle, occasion and event, this is one ensemble that will match every thing. Even in this formal appearance, the accessories matter a lot. Go for the Oxford dress shoes along with silver cufflinks and white pocket square.

Black and white formal combo

  • Casually smart

    When it comes the casual appearance, the options are unlimited. However, the idea is to stay stylish as well. So, adding a sophisticated touch to the entire ensemble is essential. The black jeans teamed up with white t-shirt is ideal. Make sure that you wear an elegant pair of jeans. Avoid going for the rugged style. Moreover, if you are wearing a tee with v-shaped neckline, then, it should not be very deep. You can even wear a blazer along with the entire ensemble. Choose a casually smart pair of footwear with it. Sneakers and loafers are ideal option.

Casually smart look

  • The polo look

    The black polo shirt paired with white bottoms or vice versa is another great look for the man who have higher regards for style and masculinity. This is ideal for the all sort of casual occasion. Moreover, it can even be worn on semi-formal events. Just team it up with a blazer and it will get transformed from casual to formal. Polo t-shirts goes well with either short, jeans or even chinos. You can choose the one that suits your personality. Pair a pouch underwear for men with the attire. The right pouch can provide you frontal enhancement that will add more pizzazz to your look.

The polo look

  • The laid back attire

    Other than this, the color combination can make even the most dull appearance lively. Whether you are heading for a beach outing or a for any weekend getaway, the black t-shirt with a white short is exceptional. A classy retro hat and aviator glasses will do the magic for you. For the footwear, you can go with the loafers, sneaker and even flip-flops. Avoid wearing a socks along with this ensemble. You can even pair a scarf with the clothing style.

The laid back attire

Are you ready to be the man in black and white? Were these points helpful? Share your view in the comments below.