What’s with Men’s Enhancement Underwear?

So, before I start the with perks, uses, and other features, let us first learn that what is men’s enhancement underwear? The attires under the category are crafted to present an impressive profile below the belt. They have enhancing features like a lifting pouch, pads at the rear and so on. So, this blog is all about why you should consider the attires under the above category. For a better understanding, I’ll be talking especially about the pouch underwear. Let us have a look at the benefits one by one.

  • Comes with supportive options: For instance, let’s consider the pouch underwear for men. They are designed with in-built c-rings, thick pipings, and other such enhancing options which essentially keeps the manhood in the right position and away from the body. The implementation of this concept not only improvises your appeal but it reduces the problem like chafing, rashes and sweating as well.

Pistol Pete OLYMPUS Brief

  • Enhance visibility as well as confidence: It upgrades the visibility of the bundle by keeping the masculinity up and front. Looking sexy also helps in feeling good and confident about oneself. This can be an added advantage for any occasion, be it important client meetings or hot date nights, feeling confident always adds to the bonus points. Additionally, it has been scientifically proved that pouch enhancement underwear helps in blood circulation as well.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Cheeky Boxer Brief

  • Made out of moisture-wicking and comfortable material: All the above perks are ensured without compromising on your comfort. The men’s underwear under them is crafted out of materials that have moisture wicking properties. This helps to fan away the sweat down there which keeps the male anatomy dry and ventilated. Hence, you can even use them for your day-to-day life.

Daniel Alexander Protrude Pouch Thong Sheer Underwear

Similarly, other enhancements like the butt-enhancers and c-rings provide the above improvisations to your personality with a minute difference – the pouches and c-rings work for the betterment at the front while the butt enhancers work at the rear.

Intymen Butt Boost Boxer

Grab the styles from the online stores of Wyzman.com at an affordable price.


Are you too old to reveal?

Do you ever think you are too old to do things? Whether it is for going out on a trip with your mates or clubbing, have you ever thought that you have crossed that age and lost the charm of actually doing it?

When you haven’t thought about missing what was mentioned above, how can you even think of believing that you’re too old to reveal? Being the “sexy boy” at heart, you haven’t lost your free spirit and the wish to explore more so why would you not find reasons to reveal a little (or a lot). You men’s underwear gives you innumerable opportunities to explore the adventurer you are deep down on the inside with styles that can bring life to you boring routines.

But, the question is what are the characteristics that separate you from the actual old-man category? Find them below.

  • You look for opportunities to get the adrenaline rush pumped up:

    Whether it is going on a road trip with your pals or clubbing your butts off while dancing, you are someone who does not want to sit down and stay home a lot. You look for opportunities that will help you figure out ways to pump up back to action and keep yourself engaged in something or the other.

  • You involve yourself in adventure sports:

    You are a nature lover sometimes or just someone who loves to explore. Hence, you would go out with your family on an expedition or indulge in the adventure sports that keep you feeling young and healthy whereas; the others spend time staying home in the comfort zone.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you aren’t old at heart and look for opportunities that can make you feel hotter and sexier about yourself. We don’t ask you to pick the skimpiest male thongs that are all about strings, but you can definitely try something like mens low cut bikini underwear that shows off some as well as makes sure the support is there. Fall in love with the sheer underwear and pamper you good with the lace offerings.

You can choose the one that makes you feel good about yourself and helps you reveal as much as you want to below the belt.

Underwear vs Going Commando

I said, “There is nothing more relaxing that Going Commando on a hot scorching day ” To which my friend replied,”I guess you haven’t provided the feel of luxury to your assets.” I was taken aback for a moment. I said,”Feel of WHAT?” I started laughing hard, his face changed. That’s when I realized that maybe I should listen to his views once. He made me understand some sensible points that were completely acceptable on the grounds of protecting the underneath. Scan on the below blog to know more about the points.

  • Protection
    An underwear always protects you unexpected accidents like zipper problems. Another issue is chafing which occurs due to the rubbing of inner thighs. It leaves red marks that can be very painful. Wearing an underneath attire can spare your boys from the above-unwanted pains.


  • Saves you from embarrassments
    A vest without sleeves leaves sweat marks in the armpits. In a similar way, genitals without an appropriate clothing, leaves sweat marks on your outer attire. To avoid them, you can go for sheer underwear for men that are made out of a flimsy fabric. The luxurious material has an incredible sweat retentiveness power that keeps your assets breezy throughout the day. They are so light in weight that it feels like wearing nothing down there.


  • The Butt cheek problem
    When you don’t wear an undergarment, the clothes gets stuck in between your butt cheeks. This clearly indicates that your underwear is missing for the day. It can also lead to discrete chuckles in the office bay.
  • Suspense is the game
    Above all the mentioned points, the main game comes when your partner gets closer to you. When it’s an ideal opportunity to get naughty with your partner, the suspense plays main game here. Tempt and tease your partner with the revealing underwear so that she gets into the mood. Sheer allows a glimpse pf your assets which is hidden behind the fabric. This transparency raises the temperature of bedroom affairs effortlessly.

Daniel Alexander Pouch Thong Sheer Underwear

  • Accidental Bowel leakage
    ABL syndrome or Accidental Bowl Leakage happens as we grow older. However, you can avoid facing the embarrassment due to the leakage by donning an underneath attire with cozy fabric down there.

Above are some of the points which I felt was valid and sensible. I’ve bought pairs of sheer underwear that works awesome down there. If you wish to give your manhood the taste of luxury, then grab the pieces from the online stores of Wyzman.com.

Men’s Underwear: Does your Style reflect your Personality?

Fashion connoisseurs have always argued about the personal style and dressing of an individual being related to their personality. Did you know that even your choice of underwear is affected by the way you think and the basic character and trait? A decade back people would have denied to admit the fact as there were only few choices available in the intimate category. However, With so many options to choose from, men’s underwear has actually emerged as a passion for the modern generation. People like to shop for the underneath article that compliments their nature and thought process. According to an article published by Huffinton Post, the underthings talks a lot about the wearer.

Have you ever wondered how the two aspects are related to one another? Here’s some of the ways personality traits and their underwear selection.

  • Conservative men with classic taste
    Most men are in a habit of relating their apparel style to their masculinity. They like to stick to the traditional styles and avoid exploring the limits as they have the fear of compromising their machismo. The male population with the classic taste prefer the conventional cuts of boxers and boxer briefs over any other underneath apparel.

Classic Man

  • Introverts
    Now, this may be confusing for some. Some people may think that men who have conservative taste are same as the ones who are introverts, but that’s not true. Introverts are people who like to keep to themselves and have a social anxiety. They have a fetish to stay in their comfort zone, thus, their choice of underneath article is restricted to the styles that provide maximum comfort and support. They are the ones who feel shy in adjusting themselves in public. So, men’s briefs, and the snug fit styles of boxer briefs are the most preferred option for them.

Introvert Man

  • The intrepid explorers
    Most men are in a habit of exploring things. They just can’t stick to any particular style or cut. They are always looking to push the boundaries of their style as well as sex appeal. You’ll see them experimenting with their underneath style as well. Men, in general, avoid wearing the ultra revealing cuts of men’s thongs and male g-strings. However, the male population who have an aptitude for trying something exotic and unusual does not shy away from wearing them.

Intrepid Explorers

  • The center of attraction
    Being the center of attraction comes naturally to some men. There are some people who’ll always grab attention, no matter what they do. It is not that they do it on purpose, but they just can’t help turning heads. It is regardless to say that even they enjoy being the center of attention. Such men may appear easy-going and spontaneous, but they are generally very particular about what they wear and how they look. They prefer wearing something that can give them a stand out appearance. So, when it comes to the choosing their underneath apparel, they prefer something like men’s enhancing pouch underwear that would accentuate their front profile and attract some extra attention.

Attractive Man

  • Athletic personality
    You would mostly see sports lovers and person with an athletic personality in sporty tees and rugged jeans. Even their underneath style reflect their passion for sports. They like wearing boxer brief in general. However, on certain occasion like any sports event or while working out at the gym, they even go for the very practical jockstrap underwear.

Athletic personality

  • Men who wants it all
    Having mentioned all the above personality trait, the next in the queue is the man who is not satisfied with just one feature. They want it all right from comfort and support to sex appeal. These people are not easy to please. For them the versatile apparels like men’s bikinis or bikini brief are ideal. Even though they won’t stick to it for long, these styles can cater to their needs to some extent. With ample support and the right amount of skin show, bikinis are like a one shop stop for them.

Have been dressing according to your personality? Do share your personal choice in the comment below.



4 Ways to make your boring day happening

We understand when you say that life is very monotonous and hectic. The dreary deadlines, soul-battering reviews and pending work which is not less than a nightmare, it is okay to feel deflated. Everyone goes through this feeling even when you have so much to do around you. The boredom kills you minute by minute but you’re too worked up with your daily routine that doing anything more than that isn’t a fair idea.

So, what the idea of making your boring day happening?

Men Feeling Boring and Fed up
If you are talking about the weekdays when you are work, the options almost go from 100s to 5 because you don’t have the time-frame to adjust anything fun in your work timings. However, you can very well rejuvenate yourself on the weekends to be kick-ass ready for the entire week.

  • Push the reset button: Just the like your smartphone becomes good as new when you push that ‘reset’ button, you too would be back your old happy self once your reset button is pressed. Take yourself out for a lunch or go for a movie or even take yourself out on a date to spend some “me” time. Do what it takes to be back to normal.

Men Playing Guitar

  • Take breaks: For those who are exhausted on the weekdays, you need to love yourself by getting up from your seat and going out for a short walk. Breathe in the open and make sure you leave the building in this while to get in touch with yourself. This will give rest to your eyes (away from the laptop) and let you stretch your body to be back in the shape to sit for another set of hours to work.

Breathe in the open

  • Please yourself with fancy clothes: Whether you are work or at home, this is one way to make your boring day happy and fun. Wear clothes that you find appealing and it will directly or indirectly make you feel from within. If the people around you find the same pleasing to their eyes, the compliments would make it even better. At home, stay in your men’s underwear and get in touch with your underneath. Find out the sexiest pair that you have and slip into it. Whether it is thongs for men or sheer underwear, it’ll surely bring a smile on your face.

Stylish Men

  • Plan a date with your friends, now: When you are getting bored, it is your best friends who would be the best medicine to bring you back to normal. Plan a meeting with them then and there itself and schedule it for the evening or on the weekend. This would leave you looking forward to a fun time with them and your day will get back to normal.

What is your idea of a fun-filled day? Do let us know in the comments section.

5 Tips to get Rid of your Partner

Getting the girl to fall in love with you is difficult. However, getting rid of an unhealthy relationship is even more troublesome. There is no problem that can’t be sorted out in a relationship. However, there is no reason why you should drag an unhappy relation for no reason. Are you in such a relationship where you regret the first time you asked her out? Are you afraid of hurting her feeling? Checkout the tips mentioned below. It can help you get out of the commitment without hurting her much.


  • Talk to her : This is ethically the first step that you should take. Talk to her explain her that it’s working out. She has got all the right to know what you are thinking about her. There is no situation that can’t be talked out of. So, discuss your issues and then gracefully walk out of it without hurting the feeling of each other. You can take her to a quite place where you can talk without interruption and then tell her the truth.
  • Take it gradually : Confessing your feeling involves a lots of guts, both mentally and emotionally. If you don’t think that you are do it, then, you can go step by step. Don’t get into the dicey situation in one go. Convey your message through your body language. She will gradually understand and you can keep your guard down.
  • Be disgusting : Ladies just hate some of the disgusting habits of men. Hence, this is one of the tried and tested methods of making the girl breakup with you. Be stingy and trigger her aversion. Wear something that she hates to see. It might sound absurd, but the ladies are very choosy when it comes to the style of men’s underwear. If she likes to see you in the conventional cuts than go for the feminine for men’s thong styles. Or else if she likes to the sexy undies, than switch to the baggy boxers underwear.

There is no right way of breaking up. However, you can make sure that to respect her feelings. Recall the happy days that you spend together and find out ways to bring an end to the relation gracefully.

5 Quickfire Tips for Healthy Living

The hectic schedule, work load, pollution, unhealthy eating habits and other such factors are making the life miserable. Every second person is considered to be suffering for some sort of ailment. Men, in general, are not in a habit of taking care of themselves. As a result, the situation has gone so far that even the youngsters these days are suffering from problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and others. You just can’t remove the pollution or lessen the work load overnight, but at least you can inculcate some healthy habits in your everyday life.


The article gives some tips to all the men around to augment their actions and lead a healthy life. Have a look.

  • Eating habits : The things that you eat plays the major role in your health. Avoid eating junk food as much as possible. Make sure that you eat green vegetables and fruits almost daily. The most important meal of the day is the breakfast. So, eat properly before you leave for work. The food should have less fat and calorie content. The extra weight is another cause of most of the issues.


  • Beverage : Water is an instant remedy for most of the health issue. So, drink at least 8 ouch of water in a day. Reduce the intake of alcohols, caffeine and soft drinks. Stick to some healthy drinks like fruit juice, coconut water and things of this sort.


  • Indulge in physical activity : The long sitting jobs and the addiction for internet has reduced the physical activities. Even the sports lovers tend to stay at home play video games. It is recommended to go out and do some workout. You need not hit the gym all the time. Even an hour of morning or evening walk can do wonders.


  • Cleanliness : This is another underrated aspect. Take good care of your personal hygiene. Use clean clothes and specially men’s underwear. Take good care of your privates and crotch area. The undergarments should be crafted in high-quality fabric. Carefully select the men’s underwear brand. Bathe everyday and groom yourself properly.
  • Take a break : Take sometime out of your busy schedule and spend some peaceful time with your family and friends. Go out to place away from the urban area. Breathe in some fresh air. Taking a break from the unhealthy environment will really help you help you in the long run.

Improve your habits and take a step towards healthy living.