Underwear vs Going Commando

I said, “There is nothing more relaxing that Going Commando on a hot scorching day ” To which my friend replied,”I guess you haven’t provided the feel of luxury to your assets.” I was taken aback for a moment. I said,”Feel of WHAT?” I started laughing hard, his face changed. That’s when I realized that maybe I should listen to his views once. He made me understand some sensible points that were completely acceptable on the grounds of protecting the underneath. Scan on the below blog to know more about the points.

  • Protection
    An underwear always protects you unexpected accidents like zipper problems. Another issue is chafing which occurs due to the rubbing of inner thighs. It leaves red marks that can be very painful. Wearing an underneath attire can spare your boys from the above-unwanted pains.


  • Saves you from embarrassments
    A vest without sleeves leaves sweat marks in the armpits. In a similar way, genitals without an appropriate clothing, leaves sweat marks on your outer attire. To avoid them, you can go for sheer underwear for men that are made out of a flimsy fabric. The luxurious material has an incredible sweat retentiveness power that keeps your assets breezy throughout the day. They are so light in weight that it feels like wearing nothing down there.


  • The Butt cheek problem
    When you don’t wear an undergarment, the clothes gets stuck in between your butt cheeks. This clearly indicates that your underwear is missing for the day. It can also lead to discrete chuckles in the office bay.
  • Suspense is the game
    Above all the mentioned points, the main game comes when your partner gets closer to you. When it’s an ideal opportunity to get naughty with your partner, the suspense plays main game here. Tempt and tease your partner with the revealing underwear so that she gets into the mood. Sheer allows a glimpse pf your assets which is hidden behind the fabric. This transparency raises the temperature of bedroom affairs effortlessly.

Daniel Alexander Pouch Thong Sheer Underwear

  • Accidental Bowel leakage
    ABL syndrome or Accidental Bowl Leakage happens as we grow older. However, you can avoid facing the embarrassment due to the leakage by donning an underneath attire with cozy fabric down there.

Above are some of the points which I felt was valid and sensible. I’ve bought pairs of sheer underwear that works awesome down there. If you wish to give your manhood the taste of luxury, then grab the pieces from the online stores of Wyzman.com.


Men’s Sheer Underwear- Is it Sexy Enough?

Even the thought of men wearing sheer underwear is undeniably sexy. There is no doubt in actually feeling it on your body. Not long enough, the men’s underwear style did not belong to men at all. Adopted from the feminine counterpart, sheer has raised a question in everyone else’s mind- is sheer actually a new trend or just a passerby?

Good Devil Hose Mesh Thong Black | Wyzman.com

As far as the men’s apparels are concerned, the styles have never gone too far but now the times are changing and so are the designs adopted by men themselves. Earlier, men were too contented with the tighty whitey briefs that they got from the retail stores but now the sexy underwear styles like thong underwear for men or bikinis or even erotic g-strings are bought online to avoid embarrassment. It is finally the time when things are changing and so are benchmarked.

There is no doubt about the fact that sheer is here to stay and not a passerby trend that fades away with time. The probable reasons for it can be many including the awareness among men about their sex appeal, needs, and comfort. Now the majority of the male population has accepted that the respective style doesn’t only belong to women, they are for men as well.

Well, if you are thinking that men adopted sheer because they loved it on their partners, but will women be able to handle the same on men? The answer to this is, that they are thrilled to see their men in something so hot, sexy and appealing. The only aspect that men need to focus on is to have a style that makes them look hotter rather than weird. Obviously, no one is interested in looking your skin drooling but what one look out for is the handsome man behind that sheer.

Is sheer comfortable?

What makes you think that sheer wouldn’t be able to provide the comfort to the male anatomy? Adopted from the women’s world, adding the masculinity to the styles is what sheer is. With soft and supple fabrics infused in the undergarments make them the best pieces for your manhood.

Is sheer sexy?

Undoubtedly sexy it is! Do you still doubt the fact that see through is sexy even after seeing the same on your partner’s body? Well, what you need to do is to take a look at the fabric once again, touch it and feel it think how it’ll feel down there.

What do you think now of sheer pieces? Do let us know in the comments below.