Are you buying the right underwear style?

The underwear industry has experienced an enormous development in the past few years. There is an ample number of styles, patterns, cuts, designs when compared to the conventional fashion. However, with the invention of multiple underneath form, many of us tend to buy the wrong article for some occasion. To give you a short knowledge about the different styles, the blog incorporates a short description of various types of men’s underwear. Read on to find out.

  • Boxer Briefs: Boxer briefs is a fusion of briefs and boxers. To be more precise, briefs are the snug fit-type while the boxers are of the loose fit type. A combination of the above two styles is boxer briefs which have the positives of both.

Occasions: Casual, work or intimate affairs.

Agacio Boxer Underwear

  • Boxer Shorts: The traditional boxer shorts were baggy and loose. However, the modern styles feature a body-hugging fit which is as stylish as the contemporary fashion. They feature a high cut that covers a major portion of the thighs while the other ones end above the thighs.

Occasions: Casual, work, intimate affairs and jogging purposes.

Cover Male Running Short

  • Jockstraps: Jockstraps offer complete frontal support and protection but, lacks in fabric to cover the butts. They lift the package away from the body resulting in an enhanced front profile. The pouch is harnessed with two leg bands that fall to the sides of the glutes on the upper thigh and connect between the legs to the underside of the pouch.

Occasions: Workouts and intimate affairs.          

Otzi Jockstrap Underwear

  • Thongs: A conventional pair of men’s thong underwear features a small pouch which covers the manhood while leaving the sides and the back to the show. However, with the passage of time, thongs were updated, which provided minimum coverage both, at the front and back. They range from being sporty to sexy.

Occasions: Intimate affairs, casual wear, work and sports.         

Edipous Thong Underwear

  • Bikinis: Bikinis feature a structural pouch that lifts the male genital. The fabric incorporated in these are bound to provide a muscle-hugging fit sits in the crotch area. It is usually worn on beach parties or pool parties. However, now they are versatile for everyday wear. They are definitely more appealing when it comes to showing off the skin on the sides as well as in the rear.

Occasions: Intimate affairs, casual wear, office wear and gym.

Cover Male Bikini

  • G-strings: G-strings are designed for intimate purposes. With only two strings attached to the narrow piece of fabric, this sexy underwear is a perfect apparel for summers. The skimpy structure can also add zest to the sexy moods.

Occasions: Intimate affairs and summer- wear.

Daniel Alexander G String Underwear

The above are some of the underwear types and their functions, that are available at the stores. Check them out on the online stores of